Jejak-jejak Di Pantai Zaman

~The Footprints of Time~


 I overheard a friend of mine saying ... "...part time Muslim is dangerous. We have to be a full time@ full fledge Muslim in order to gain entry into jannah.

Part time by definition = not full  = partial = not complete (time). Hence part timers in a given creed is a half past six follower. Something which is incomplete is of no value. Completeness and total submission unto Allah is required after pronouncing ourselves as Muslims. So what makes a Muslim a part timer? The case in question is simple. Part timers will lead their lives as they like by not taking heed of what the Quran & Sunnah say. Just like a submarine submerging in the water from the port vanishing into the open sea, living life freely without any values to control him, only to surface when reaching the last port of call = death. This very moment he will then pick up few flotsam of Islam to give color to his long lost  Islamic creed in the hope to get blessings from the Almighty. What a shame!

This way of life is inviting trouble in the hereafter. Allah swt would want to see that His servants are true believers and pious throughout their life span. Not just becoming Muslim as printed on the ID but forsake its teachings and uphold the practices & values of kuffar. A total surrender unto Allah means that one will have to set his first step right ie. syahadatain and following that he must uphold the injunctions & sanctity of Islam - living life to please Allah swt.

It is natural that mankind is fond of fleeting life and fearing death. Why this happen? Because this worldly life has  strong under current which without continuous tarbiyah will drag one into squandering on luxurious frivolities and forget the true aim of existence. The shallow understanding and notion of hereafter or life after death further aggravates the path to jannah and will therefore  leads to living life full of sorrow and emptiness. 

So we have to check ourselves as to wether we are part time or full time Muslims. Better do it and do it now. Treat it as urgent! Wallahualam.


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