Jejak-jejak Di Pantai Zaman

~The Footprints of Time~


ISLAM IS A WAY OF LIFE means, Islam is fully adopted as the only creed and the complete code of life. Stemmed from our vivid  understanding and very choice of submission unto Allah SWT, the god of all the worlds, man has no other choices but to render total surrender unto Allah to prove his sincerity in the oneness of god. Otherwise he will be deemed kufr as all his doings are contrary to his pledge of obedience.

Allah most exalted will be most pleased should His servants are ever willingly and without compulsion and coercion bring their knees to the floor and rest their foreheads in coolness in front of Him. Life  mundane is to be made useful, filled with good deeds at the same time upholding the banner of Islam while He gives us this worldly time to collect thawab to make our way to paradise. 

ISLAM IS AWAY OF LIFE means, Islam is rejected partially or in toto from all aspects and domains of life. This is because man regarded it as nuisance since he takes it as something disturbing and foresaking his quest of lust.  Islam as ad Deen advocates mankind to enjoin good and forbid evil. EVIL is all around us and aggressively promoted by satan. So man of faith will have to work extra hard and continuously supervising and overseeing himself to pursue the path of God and not to let himself fall into the pits and traps of satan laknatullah. The pits and traps are many and uncountable. Wealth, destitute, health, illness, power@authority, social status, women, offsprings and all sorts of other worldly gains are detrimental to the healthiness of our Deen or Islamic practices, provided that  it is guided by the virtues of  ISLAM consistently throughout our life. 

The way forward to maintain our creedence and to sustain Islamic values is to be educated and knowledgeable in entirety about ISLAM as the complete code of life. In short, we really need a holistic Islamic education to spawn Godly values in the hearts of mankind.  This is the prerequisites of becoming a true Muslim, or else will be thinking that we are one but in the eyes of Allah we are not, just because we are astray from the very basic tenets of Islam. Islam is simple BUT do not try to make it any simpler. To simplify is not our business but to realise Islam and make it our lifetime lifestyle is our business! He who does not seek Allah's pleasure is void of His pardon and mardhotillah in hereafter. 

Having said that, what is of paramount  importance now is to ponder seriously, whether we are on the right path to jannah OR are we on the right track to hellfire??? 

Come on...maximize the usage of our intellectual faculty and thinking capacity and be sincere to ourselves.. ask these questions,  "Are we Muslims?  Do we love our prophet SAW? And do we truly accept Allah as our sole Deity and nothing else but Him?" Upon acceptance, what do we do next to sustain our integrity as genuine and pious Muslims modeled by Prophet SAW.

7 March 2011