Jejak-jejak Di Pantai Zaman

~The Footprints of Time~

Al Muqaddimah

Assalamu'alaikum folks,

Tonite my blog has been created to establish communication among us, especially our BPN study circle which has ceased to operate since my preretirement leave which started on 23 September 2009.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who has given me energy, vigor and enthusiasm to conduct the intellectual discourse all these years during my short stint in MARA. In conjunction with Eidul Fitri more so the month of Syawal is still busy with open houses, I personally would like to extend my highest gratitude and seeking apology for whatever my wrong doings thus far.

For your information, I'm going to start writing now and certainly you'll have to allow me some time to get started and accelerate to gain momentum. You know, I'm now still in holiday mood as I have released all my pressure and pain. See you later, salam.


salam dad, have a pleasant days ahead and keep on writing!


Boss, I already distribure your blog address to the member of your class.
Regards, Ex PA.


Thanks 4 distributing. I'm now making references to respected materials in order to begin writing. Just wait and visit the blog regularly after this week.
Can u get me Pn Junaidah's BKK and her TP (Johari Man's) email addresses 4 me to communicate.